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Hey there!


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Rabia, the lead photographer here with Spring Creations. I bet the process of finding a good photographer you can trust is overwhelming! I can help. Spring Creations has been in business helping happy couples make memories for 15 years! 

Whether it was taking pictures of walls to learn about aperture, following bumble bees in the garden to learn about shutter speed or heading out in the pitch of night to do some night photography; I always knew I had something special I wanted to share with the world. That something special was my love for photography. It gave me a creative outlet when I had an itch to create, it forced me to become a lifelong learner and ultimately inspire others. Spring Creations is a product of passion first, business second and I'd love for you to see that!


What do I bring to the table? As a Father, I want to do good; as a Husband, I want to connect; as an Educator, I am a eager to learn; and as a Photographer, I want to challenge myself to do great things. I want you to trust that your special day is in good hands and that your day will be captured beautifully. 

So what are you waiting for? Shoot me a message, I'd love to hear from you!


Tel: 416.889.0249


That's me!

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